Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fame and Money maybe I dont have no money....and no REAL fame, but my vague stare did make the local Messenger newspaper. Gotta say its a refreshing change to get a write up as an artist and not a punk street kid doing 'graff'.

But I think they just liked that I said 'contraversial'.

For a closer read just click on the picture and it will open up nice and large.

Anyways on another tip the weekend has seen me slaving away on a graciously lent Apple laptop, getting the keyboard all grimed up with my painterly fingers, whilst designing a flier for an upcoming SALA (South Australian Living Artists) festival event. It's been good to get back on a computer to do some design work again, I've been thinkin it's time to spend some soft-earned cash and buy an Apple for myself. Laptop or PC I cant decide!? The problems that plague my mind. Laptop.

'No Sell Out' program photossssss....Tuesday the group got to designin' then workin' on some boards to be put up at the local Aldinga primary school...despite having to pull some young bucks into line, once the group got painting we saw some focused faces and suddenly life didnt seem so hard. peep some photo proof....

Aloha. Jesus to be updated after this weekend no doubt - and I predict some photos of another mural thats tormenting my soul....til then, or before....

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