Friday, August 15, 2008


Marino Rocks Community Hall, completed early 2008.

This is one I never got around to putting up online so here it is finally!

Commissioned by the Marino Community Hall and joint funded by the City of Marion Council. This mural was Designed and painted with fellow artist Morris Green. This mural became very drawn out due to us both getting full-time jobs early in the process...We ended up working 7 day weeks for some time. Don't recommend it!

Thankfully, the local residents loved it. People would stop their cars to tell us how much they loved what we were doing, and we recieved a lot of great feedback about the project, including a large number of job offers.

If you are from Adelaide, you can see it parallel to the Marino train station on the Noarlunga Line.

(click on photos to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

that is really really good ... im very impresssed like usual lol.. its jef btw.. but yea actual looks siiik ... woulda taken ages... neways byezza

Anonymous said...

ps i was talking bou the marino 1 its dope, also the one on the shed with the old farm into the lady hanging the washing out... hell chilla...byeza