Sunday, August 2, 2009

Projectorbition @ 5000 Gallery

Some guy with another guy...they call that guy LUKU...

Go big or go home!

Look mum! Look what me and Tarns did!!!

Opening night with Store and Co...What a lovely pair. of trousers...

MORE PHOTOS? Click here

5000 Gallery's 'Projectorbition' launched recently for the public to check out the inside work. The format? 2 artists per wall/per night, projected live over 10 stories high.
Check out 5000 Gallery on Waymouth St, across from the Advertiser.

Contributing Artists - Store/Benzo/Nish/Tarns/Gary Seaman/Jules/Koven/Stoops/Fredroc/Myself + Seppi the curator on Camera/lighting

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