Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Perry Barr farm mural

Series of photos from a mural I recently finished at Perry Barr farm, Hallet Cove. The mural depicts the farm from early settlers through to modern housing developments. My concept was that the past is linked to the present, we have what we have now thanks to the work of those who have gone before.
(click photos to enlarge)

Plus an old one I recently updated. Originally painted at Perry Barr with Morris Green in 2006...

Youth X-change mural

Recent mural I worked on with some young guns from the Southern Youth X-change...

The boys had recieved $500 funding from the Mission Australia 'No Limits' youth grant scheme to design and paint the mural at the youth centre. Under my guidance, the boys came up with a design, color scheme and then painted the mural over a period of two days.

JesusWalks Sydney

After a recent short stint in Brisbane for a National Leaders Conference, I headed down to Sydney to check out the World Youth Day festivities. Namely to see the JesusWalks exhibition in the streets of Sydney, and to help with manning the artworks.
Click on link below for Jesuswalks website + my contribution...

As promised, I have uploaded all the progress photos of the painting of the statue, and my time in Sydney which you can see at...(click on link below, once youre in there you can watch them in a slideshow by clicking the 'slideshow' icon)

It was amazing being in Sydney with the statues, soaking up the peoples faces and comments as they responded to them. As I sat near mine I noticed how some were instantly drawn to it upon seeing it, calling their loved ones to explain it to them. Many wanted their photo with it and occasionally one would kiss it. It was all very strange. At one stage a man came up and peeled off one of the bandaids on my statues hands, thinking someone was mocking Jesus by putting it there. I was very annoyed at the time, but it was wonderful in hindsight to see an artwork create such ferver amongst the public.

During my time there, I was also fortunate enough to be interviewed by ABC Radio Adelaide and ABC Radio National about my involvement. I will upload the interviews as I get them...

One of the people I met during my stay was New York photographer Tim Sutherland, who I am very thankful to for taking such inspiring photos of my statue.
You can see them at

NAB mural photos

Back again - slowly updating you good people with the last month and a half's news and photos...Starting with the mural on the NAB wall on South Rd, Morphett Vale, finished June 14, 2008.

As mentioned earlier, the mural designed by Morris Green was an initiative of the bank to reduce graffiti on their wall, a hotspot for graffiti. Morris and I worked in conjunction with Mission Australia on the project to mentor a group of young aerosol artists from the local area. After a few rained out days painting, the mural was finally finished, taking approx. 4 days to complete.

The mural was a great success, and has since brought more attention from other businesses locally and interstate wanting to have their walls painted.

Getting started...

Big thanks to all the boys that put blood, sweat and bruises(literally) into this mural - Jeff, Gaylan, Beau, Willem, Morris and lastly Sash from Mission Australia for the lunch runs!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Quick update - Artist's STORE and myself/'ORGEN' will be having a new exhibition of small to medium works this FRIDAY - The idea is for everyone to be able to go home with a piece. We had fun making them, and we know you will have fun buying them!!!!

Click on the event flier below to enlarge.