Friday, January 29, 2010


souvlaki bros - this guy was so hardcore he was banned from the souvlaki shop so instead of goin in he would just hover and harrass customers outside. Kel comes from Sloviniarabia or something so they connected like old prison mates
Our Sydney Kidney 'Fortune'
drawing on other peoples property is only OK if you own their body
tired and torn from a hard day's following Kel around aimlessly...

Thanks be to the antique shop owners who gave us a brown note for our efforts
The basics is my homeboy Kel Mochinachek and I did this trip Sydney to Melbs with a stop in the land of the white collar worker ie. Canberra to peep the large serve exhibition of Post Expressionists @ the NGA...minimal sleep maximum walk-a-bout. We both fell asleep standing looking at paintings.It wasnt they werent mad incredible, we were just mad un-slept. Then home...flying carpet o clouds style. So many good chimes I can't put them in one backyard blitz... I guess it's for me to keep in my memory casm all to lonesome larry. Something to do with friendship and fighting with those you love. Australian Open. But yeh mum i will say thighlights included sleeping in this display window on Collins St with astro-turf softness plus powerpoint convenience conbined..kel is a madchop resource force to the point he rigged an alarm on the door so we'd know if some chop was trying to bust in and steal our dignity. I'm tired writing this and it's a way back post edit but it was such a mad trip and was such a sad post so I thought...why not aye? ...yeh why not. lets pull a changerooni salad bar edit festival. This is my blog and I can do what I want. In your face. I MIGHT EVEN EDIT THIS AGAIN LIKE AN EVER EVOLVING EVOLVATRONIC POST MAN why do i do this...too much too much sleep give it to me now

Thursday, January 28, 2010